What is the Best Time to Power Wash your Business?

What is the Best Time to Power Wash your Business?

Ensuring your business offers its employees and customers a welcoming and professional look is a priority. You want to portray an image of a successful place of business and one that cares about the comfort and workplace safety of those who work and visit there. So, what is the best time to power wash your business?

The Benefits to Power Washing Your BusinessLean 5S Cleaning

Miami Top Cleaning knows that you are constantly facing challenges that work against you, such as pollution, graffiti, gum, dirt, grease, birds, mildew, and plenty of other factors that seem to offer you a constant battle. Many business owners want the roof, windows, walls, and sidewalks that lead to your business to look as spotless and attractive as possible.

Yet, even when you take the initiative to have your business power washed, you do not want to interrupt the flow of business or inconvenience any customers with a stream of water as they are walking in. It is important to consider when the best time to carry out this deep cleaning should happen and the benefits to power washing your business.

Improves Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can invite customers to step into your business and purchase the products or services you sell. A building that is power washed will look newer and much more appealing. Clients and employees will feel proud of going to your business.

Reduces the Need for Repairs

A building that is covered with mold growth, bird droppings, algae, and dirt buildup is not only unattractive. These elements can wear away the finish of a building, eating at the paint and causing rot. Even brick may deteriorate over time when left unwashed. Grime on windows can become embedded if not kept clean on a regular basis. Once these finishes are damaged, you will have to call in the professionals, costing you time and money.

Protect Employees’ and Customers’ Healthretail store customers

Being in a work environment filled with potentially harmful substances damages morale and may also lead to employees getting sick and missing work. A place filled with dirt, dust, mildew, and other pollutants can affect the health of those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions. Slip, and falls may also be prevented when sidewalks and driveways are kept free of debris, grease, and other objects that should not be there.

Clean Outdoor Areas

If your building has outdoor areas such as driveways, parking lots, dumpster areas, docks, awnings, and anything else that is outdoors, don’t discount the powerful impact these areas can have on people driving and walking past your business. Not taking the time to power wash these outdoor areas sends a message that you don’t care about the business or the image it portrays to potential customers.

Clean areas improve the employee and client experience and bring in more business.

When is the Best Time to Power Wash Your Business?

It is recommended that you schedule 2 power-washing sessions a year, six months apart. If you plan to paint the exterior of your business, plan to power wash the structure before the new paint is applied.

Make sure the power wash pros get to your business after hours or during a time of day when the business is closed. Schedule a 2- or 3-hour time slot for the power wash to be completed before any employees or customers walk in.

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