With such a large transaction volume, it is only natural for consumers to be cautious about shopping online. So how do we go about safe online shopping?

Have a Safe Online Shopping Experience

Growth in online sales can be both a boon and a burden for online sellers. Boon, because they can enjoy benefiting from a bigger pie. Burden, because higher transaction volumes also mean a greater number of people indulging in scams and other questionable practices.

Is the Site Generous on Details?

You must be vigilant about how you shop online.

  • For starters, make sure that the website is not skimping on details. A trustworthy website should not have any problems divulging details on product specifications, prices, shipping rates and delivery time.
  • Easy availability of contact information—physical address, telephone number and electronic contact method—is another indication of sincerity. It is always reassuring to communicate with someone in person to answer questions or address concerns.

Security Assurances/Precautions

In most cases, mismanagement of your personal (and mostly valuable) information is more a result of negligence on the part of the seller than anything else. Responsible web merchants are quick to address potential vulnerabilities to ensure that you have a safe online shopping experience. Look for security assurance logos/icons on the website. Security certification services scan and assess websites to ensure that all web pages are protected from hackers:

ScanAlert’s Hackersafe

  • Hacker Safe Safe Online Shopping ExperienceScans websites daily and bases its assessment on an up-to-date vulnerability knowledgebase updated every 15 minutes.
  • As a result, 75,000+ websites with the Hackersafe logo are in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry (credit cards) security standards and are free of breaches 99.9% of the time.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

  • VeriSign SSL Encryption Safe Online Shopping ExperienceSSL certificates, which contain unique authenticated information about the owner, encrypt sensitive information during online transactions.
  • VeriSign, the leading Certificate Authority, issues SSL certificates and verifies the identity of the website (and certificate) owners

Anytime you are entering sensitive information like credit card numbers, make sure that the website address begins with https:// instead of the regular http://. The extra s simply means that the website is using a secure protocol, thereby protecting your data.

Customer Focused Approach

At Bizmanualz, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for our customers. As we noticed various studies suggesting information security to be a major concern for online shoppers, we quickly implemented security audits and assurances on our website to shield it from vulnerabilities.

We have always handled your information with utmost care. For example, when you order on our website with your credit card, we don’t store your sensitive information on our servers. Your credit card data is transmitted to and handled by Authorize.net, a leading payment gateway trusted by over 158,000 merchants.

In addition, Bizmanualz website is also verified by MasterCard and Visa and is in compliance with American Express fraud protection guidelines. Having our website verified by HackerSafe and VeriSign was just another way of our letting you know that we care and guarantee users to have a safe online shopping experience.