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ISO QMS Sequence

Quality Management System in 10 Easy Steps

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a management system pure and simple. It is not quality’s management system; it is a management system that, if done right, produces quality products. A Quality Management Systems is built for ISO registration, to satisfy customer requirements, or to produce better products. Building a Quality Management System is not hard if you follow these 10 easy steps. Continue reading…

How Much Time Does an ISO System Require Annually?

There is no simple answer to the question of the time commitment for an ISO Quality Management System. There are a number of variables to consider including the ISO standard, number of employees, the capability of your management team, the complexity of your business processes, and your knowledge of quality. The answers to such questions will determine the level of effort required to maintain an ISO system. Continue reading…

Planning for Quality

What is Quality Planning?

Quality planning is how we plan to make a product (or deliver a service) correctly. Think of it as planning to make the perfect product (or deliver the perfect service) experience for your customer. Ah, the perfect order, from the perfect customer… Continue reading…

Reduce Document Control Audit Findings

Document Control Audit Findings and How to Eliminate Them

Of all the types of findings a quality auditor can write up in an audit, Document Control Audit Findings are one of the most common. In this day and age, there’s really no excuse for getting a document control audit finding. How can I say that?

Easy, most document control findings are the result of reliance on a manual review-and-control process. Do you rely on memory, handwritten notes, a “prompt” function on your PC or cellphone, or an assistant to tell you when to review documents? If you have to make a change to a company document, are you hunting people down for approval signatures? Do you have a file cabinet for your approved documents? Continue reading…

Lean Daily Management System Dashboard

What is a Lean ISO QMS?

What does a Lean ISO QMS look like?

Building a Lean ISO Quality Management System (QMS) is about focus – less is more! Increasing focus means finding the vital few (i.e. critical) metrics that will focus all workers on the most important aspects of your business—your customer. Continue reading…