All personnel should be competent based on appropriate education, training, skills and experience. The minimum competencies required for each position at our company are defined in each position’s Job Description.
Where otherwise qualified personnel require additional training or other action to meet the minimum competency requirements, these needs are identified. The department provides task-specific corporate training. General training or education is provided or coordinated by Human Resources. The department should evaluate the effectiveness of corporate training or other actions taken as appropriate.

The department generates records of task-specific training. Human Resources maintains records of all training and education, skills and experience in accordance with Human Resources Policies and Procedures and Computer and Network Policies and Procedures. The following HR training policies and procedures help ensure that company employees are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of company objectives.


  • Computer User Staff Training Procedure | DEV103

  • Employee Discipline Procedure | DEV106

  • Internet Email Acceptable Use Procedure | DEV104

  • Performance Appraisals Procedure | DEV105

  • Training Development Management Procedure | DEV101

  • Training Tuition Reimbursement Procedure | DEV102


  • Acceptable Use Incident Log Template | DEV104-2

  • Acceptable Use Policy Template | DEV104-1

  • Disciplinary Notice Template | DEV106-1

  • Performance Appraisal Template | DEV105-2

  • Self Appraisal Template | DEV105-1

  • Training Plan Template | DEV101-1

  • Training Request Template | DEV102-1