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Dress Code Procedure | ADM110

ADM110 Dress Code Procedure

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easily editable in ms wordDress Code Procedure

Every company should expect their employees to abide by a certain Dress Code at all times in order to represent the company properly and to create a professional business environment and attitude. The Dress Code Procedure establishes the criteria for presenting a professional business appearance that is appropriate to the job and situation involved. Enforcing a dress code at your company ensures that customers, clients and other employees feel comfortable doing business with you.

Employees are expected to use their good judgment and common sense in presenting themselves as “appropriate” for their positions. Clothing, hairstyles or personal hygiene should not pose a safety hazard or create an unacceptable appearance. A conservative approach should be used as a guide to deciding whether an article of clothing is appropriate for business situations.

This Dress Code Procedure applies to all employees. All employees are expected to monitor and enforce The company Dress Code to maintain a professional business environment. An example for men would include suits with ties and polished shoes with leather soles. For women, something like a dress or skirt and blouse ensemble. (6 pages, 1593 words)

Dress Code Procedure

Dress Code Procedure Activities

  • Dress Code
  • Business Situations
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Disciplinary Action


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