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Company Policies Procedures Manuals – Download Now

You have decided you need to organize your Company Policies Procedures Manual, but which department policies and procedures will help you?  Start by assessing the business impact of each of your department’s core business processes for generating revenue or introducing risk and then rank the results.  Core business processes that greatly impact your revenue or risk are where you want to start.

Bizmanualz wrote “the book” on department procedure manuals and best practices. Download a complete set of Company Procedure Templates to provide standard employee operating routines for key department areas such as Accounting, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Quality Management, Computer and IT, Security Planning and Disaster Recovery.

Department Procedures

Now every employee in each company department will have a department policy or course of action for accomplishing the nuts and bolts of their job with clear department procedures.

Each department procedure manual template includes example business policies, standard operating procedure (SOP), and sample forms for core business processes in each department. Now you will have department procedures in easy to edit Microsoft Word files to use as department procedure templates.

How to Create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template

View Free Sample Department Procedures

Download our free company policies and procedures template from each Department in the CEO Series with no obligation. Or if you are ready to purchase, you can buy now using our secure server and your manuals will be available for instant download. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and buy the CEO Company Manuals risk free!

Incredible Value !!!

  • Nine Procedure Manuals
  • 6,510 Pages of Process Content
  •  373 Policies Procedure Templates
  •  581 Business Forms Templates
  •  196 Employee Job Descriptions

The CEO Company Policies Procedures Series

1. $495 Accounting Manual
2. $495 Finance Manual
3. $495 Computer & IT Security
4. $495 Sales & Marketing
5. $595 Business Sampler
6. $495 Human Resources
7. $495 ISO 9001 Quality
8. $395 Security Planning
9. $395 Disaster Recovery

 $4,555 Total Value
 $2,060 SAVE 45% 
 $2,495 Your Price

Easy Policy and Procedure Manuals

Quickly develop and implement the company Policies Procedures and Forms you need for your entire organization, and enjoy significant savings using this set of nine downloadable department manuals consisting of pre-written, editable business best practices. The CEO bundle contains nine of our most popular policies and procedures manuals in one set designed to cover your most important department policies and procedures needs.

Simplify Company Policy and Procedure Development

There is no need to start your company best practices development from scratch. You can save hundreds of hours of research and writing if you begin with a wide selection of pre-written, clearly described business activities. Use thorough best practices, written by experienced technical writers, and reviewed by subject matter experts in the field. You can use these company methods in multiple departments of your business immediately, and easily edit and customize them in Microsoft Word to fit your needs.

Clear Company Methods Ease Compliance

Standardized employee conduct is recognized as an essential component of any internal control system, as required by Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404. All the manuals in the CEO Series will assist you with addressing compliance issues, including GAAP, SEC, federal, state, and local employment laws, ISO 9001, SAS 70, ITIL, and many others.

Pre-Defined Employee Conduct to Implement Best Practices

Do your employee’s need a strategy to do their job? This nine-manual CEO series provides the organizational conduct you need for consistent results and continual process improvement. Job descriptions along with defined business process actions describe common department routines to build employee performance and help you to execute your business plans.

CEO 2000 FinalPurchase Business Processes for Your Entire Company

Purchase all nine-manuals today and save $2,460.00 over the total combined price of $5,445.00. The CEO Company Manuals series consists of nine manuals that cover key company functions:

Accounting Policies and Procedures (ABR31M)

Protect against waste, fraud and abuse. Covers the revenue and purchasing cycles, assets, inventory, taxes, insurance and more. Includes a guide to embezzlement prevention.

Financial Policies and Procedures  (ABR42M)

Simplify compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other financial regulations. Includes a CFO Manual and a Business Management Guide.

IT Policies and Procedures Manual (ABR34M)
Comply with Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT or ISO 27000 security and control requirements. Includes samples of an IT Manual and an IT Security Guide.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures (ABR41M)

Improve compliance and productivity. Covers your employee policies, payroll, required compliance (i.e. OSHA, FLSA, EEO, FMLA, COBRA, etc.), job descriptions, and more. Plus a complete Employee Handbook for communicating standard workplace rules and guidelines.

Sales & Marketing Policies and Procedures (ABR44M)

Drive your customer satisfaction with improved sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Includes Sales and Marketing Executives’ Guide and a Guide to Internet Marketing.

ISO 9001 2015 Procedures (ABR211M)

Increase your customer satisfaction. Covers Introduction to ISO and Quality, Quality Manual, quality procedures, quality forms, and a lot more.

Security Planning Policies and Procedures (ABR32M)
Protect your people and property. Improve the physical safety and security of your facilities. Covers security planning, risk assessment, electronic security, guard force, and a lot more.

Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures (ABR33M)
Respond and recover quickly. Help ensure the continuity of your business. Covers disaster planning, natural disasters, emergency preparedness, and a lot more.

Business Sampler Policies and Procedures (A490M)
Department Sampler for all other areas of your company that directly impact your functions. Covers information technology, finance and credit, administration, and a lot more. Includes over 1,000 pages of supporting information.

Every critical area of your company is now covered.  A quick reference is easily at hand for Accounting, Administration, Customer Service, Disaster Management, Engineering, Environmental Management, Finance & Credit, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Personnel, Sales & Marketing, Security Operations, Shipping, Purchasing, Inventory, and ISO 9001 conformance processes.

easily-editable-in-ms-wordFully Editable MS-Word Professional Processes

When you purchase the CEO Company Policies and Procedures Manuals series, you get easily editable Microsoft Word format business templates via a fast download. You can edit, change, and adapt each company procedure to fit your compliance and operational needs and build the company conduct you’re expecting from your employees.

These pre-written MS-Word procedure templates have helped thousands of CEOs, business owners, and executives realize improved organizational results by building an effective management system. The well-researched corporate processes deliver results.

Each Word document template comes with detailed, step-by-step descriptions of important business processes. All the MS-Word files use the same consistent format for every department operation thus ensuring a common procedure format,  look and feel throughout each department.

View Free Sample Company Procedures

Download Free sample company policies and procedures from each manual in the CEO Series with no obligation. Or if you are ready to purchase, you can buy now using our secure server and your manuals will be available for instant download. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and buy the CEO Company Manuals risk free!


What policies are needed for a company?

To find out what policies are needed for your company, you need to start by assessing the business impact of each of your department’s core business processes for generating revenue or introducing risk and then rank the results. Processes that greatly impact your revenue or risk are where you want to start.

Why does a company have policies and procedures?

A company has policies and procedures to identify their best practices in writing. Your core business process descriptions and methods and standards for how work is performed should be included. By having good policies and procedures in place your company can focus on growth and ease your ability to scale.

What are examples of corporate policies?

Examples of corporate policies, sometimes called company policies, are a company’s code of conduct, vacation and time-off policies, alcohol and drug policies, equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies, as well as workplace safety documentation.

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  1. Von Washington

    A very complete, comprehensive manual with a high level of detail. It saved my staff from numerous hours of research and trial and error in putting our policies and procedures together. This is a manual which will support our company growth.

  2. Director from Slovenia

    Director from Slovenia – Oct 20th 2011:

    Well organized and nice choice of polices!

  3. Manager Human Resources

    It saves me time in writing procedures/policies.

  4. Bernard Lim

    Bernard Lim, GM from Malaysia – Apr 10th 2012:

    Pretty comprehensive in the CEO series and a good starting point to preparing a policies and procedure manual for our company. Our company is a manufacturing concern and unfortunately not specific in this area.

  5. Controller from Switzerland

    I appreciate the well-rounded advice given in all the major business areas

  6. Kunle Adeboye

    Excellent Resource Material! Every company desiring to attain excellence in all its business processes and procedures needs to get a copy of the CEO Series, at the least. Great Labour of Love!

  7. COO from Phillipines

    An excellent set of business manuals

  8. Office Manager

    Excellent customer service and speedy delivery

  9. Managing Director

    Have been looking for something like this for years. So it’s great to have them.

  10. COO from Nigeria

    COO from Nigeria

    The products makes the process of developing the manuals easier and more comprehensive

  11. ChamTha Kyaw

    It saves time and very productive, just one-click and we can use whichever format we want. It is very good for start up organization which doesn’t have enough human resources to do so, just use these formats and templates.

  12. Channa Y

    Overall, very good reference material. Too long. need more compact or summary highlighted main points

  13. Partner, Consulting Company in India

    Find the product instantly useful and very well designed product. Keep it up!
    Overall Impression: Excellent

  14. George Madtha (verified owner)

    I got special discount on upgrade. The moment i paid everything is ready for download. Quick & fast and good.

  15. Jun Iwata (verified owner)

    This series is so comprehensive. Over the years, my clients and I benefited from the 9-Manual CEO Company Policies Procedures Bundle tremendously. Thank you!

  16. Ricardo Ramos (verified owner)

    phMetro Manila, Philippines

    I find it very expensive, since I am expecting I will get more data out of it. Unfortunately not in my expectations.

  17. Maroun Gebrayel (verified owner)

    ciAbidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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