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easily-editable-in-ms-wordFSMS Nonconformance Report Template

The FSMS Nonconformance Report Template covers part/material number, vendor, nonconformity, disposition, corrective action, and more. The person identifying the nonconformance should also complete the top section of the FS1150-1 NONCONFORMANCE REPORT.  The following items must be completed, at a minimum:

  • Date and time;
  • Material or part number;
  • Material or part name or description;
  • Quantity;
  • Problem description; and more.

The employee identifying the nonconforming product should forward the original Food Safety Nonconformance Report to the Food Safety Team Leader for confirmation of the nonconformity and proper disposition of the item. The Food Safety Team Leader, upon reviewing the FS1150-1, should forward a copy to the Quality Assurance Manager for possible corrective action.The Food Safety Team Leader and the Quality Assurance Manager should determine if corrective action is required to prevent recurrence of the nonconforming condition. The Production Manager, Food Safety Team Leader, and Quality Assurance should review the evaluation of the nonconforming items. If the affected product cannot be proved safe it will be disposed of on one of the following two ways:

  • Reprocessing or further processing within or outside the organization to ensure that the food safety hazard is eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels
  • Destruction or disposal as waste in accordance with relevant environmental requirements.

The Food Safety Team Leader, on determining the disposition of the unsafe product, should sign the FS1150-1 NONCONFORMANCE REPORT in the appropriate area. A FS1150-1 NONCONFORMANCE REPORT is not required if a Return Goods Authorization already exists for the nonconforming item.

Nonconformance ReportFSMS Nonconformance Report Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 57
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: ISO 22000
Procedure: FSMS Control of Potentially Unsafe Product Procedure FDS1150
Type: Report

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