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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Document Control Procedure

The FSMS Document Control Procedure defines methods and responsibilities for controlling documents used to provide work direction or set policy. It also defines methods for document revision, approval and distribution to ensure that everyone responsible for food safety is working according to the same set of procedures and guidelines. The procedure applies to all documents required by the Food Safety Management System. (12 pages, 2241 words)

Anyone may submit a new document or changes to an existing document, as necessary. To submit a change, the requestor shall print a copy of the document and mark (“redline”) the requested changes on the copy. If changes are extensive, a new document may be typed and submitted with a copy of the original. The requestor should clearly identify, initial, and date all such changes.

FSMS Document Control Responsibilities:

Document Control is responsible for controlling the Food Safety Management System Manual, all procedures and instructions related to the Food Safety Management System, and all external documents that are required by the Company’s FSMS.

Department Managers and Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the relevant versions of documents are available at the points of use and that they are legible. They may also be responsible for reviewing and responding to change requests in a timely manner.

The Engineering Manager is responsible for control of drawings (external and internal) and bills of material.

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for reviewing all procedures and instructions at least annually to ensure documents remain current.

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for reviewing requests to change FSMS-related procedures and work instructions and directing the Food Safety Team Leader through such reviews.

FSMS Document Control ProcedureFSMS Document Control Procedure Activities

  • FSMS Procedure and Work Instruction Format
  • Temporary Changes to FSMS Documents
  • FSMS Document Revision
  • FSMS Document Distribution
  • FSMS Document Control Process Review

FSMS Document Control Procedure Forms




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