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easily editable in ms wordFinancial Corrective Action Request Template

When the Controller determines that a corrective action is required, he/she should fill out a Financial Corrective Action Request Template. Every AC1060-2 CORRECTIVE ACTION REQUEST must include a description of the problem, observation, or nonconformance, as well as when and where it was observed.

The Department Manager should assign responsibility for investigating and/or taking the necessary actions to correct and prevent the recurrence of the problem, providing the copy of the Corrective Action Request form to the assigned individual. The Department Manager should notify the Controller of the assignment, and the Controller should note this on the original form.

Upon completing the corrective action, the responsible individual will sign the AC1060-2 CORRECTIVE ACTION REQUEST and return it to the Controller for review and filing. If the Controller determines that the Corrective Action was ineffective, he/she should generate a new AC1060-2 CORRECTIVE ACTION REQUEST and cross-reference the new form in the Verification of Implementation section of the previous Corrective Action Request.

Financial Corrective Action Request Template

Financial Corrective Action Request Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 49
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Finance
Category: Internal Controls
Procedure: Financial Corrective Action Procedure AC1060
Type: Form

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