Write Job Descriptions with Reasonable Accommodation
December 9, 2020 - Simplify Compliance

Writing Job Descriptions That Provide Reasonable Accommodation Start with an analysis of the job that determines the essential functions. Identify how a disability may affect the essential functions of the job. Identify possible accommodations needed to overcome any limitations. Determine the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed accommodation. Select the appropriate accommodation that satisfies the […]

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What are SOX Accounting Policies and Procedures?

SOX policies and procedures build consistency, communicate SOX internal controls, and provide a baseline for SOX improvement.

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What Is Employment Law Compliance?
July 12, 2020 - Simplify Compliance

Complying with labor laws and employment-related issues is a dynamic and multifaceted management task.

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How to Use a Risk Assessment Matrix for Project Management

The moment you decide to take a risk, the rewards are bound to multiply, increasing the success rate of the project. Be sure to integrate project management with a risk matrix to improve the success rate of the project.

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Are You Starting a New Business and Hiring International Employees?

At first, starting a new business and hiring international employees can be a challenge. When an organization has just been set up or intends to expand overseas, attracting and retaining the most suitable employees to work in foreign subsidiaries is among the challenges that the organization has to overcome. Do expat freelancers face difficulties working […]

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How Will IFRS Convergence Impact You?

Are there concerns that the GAAP to IFRS transition may not go well?

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