What are the Main Sources of Information for Entrepreneurs?

What are the Main Sources of Information for Entrepreneurs?

9 Online Sources Every Entrepreneur Should UseEducation Startup

Passionate entrepreneurs have a natural need to seek ideas for business improvement and growth. By keeping up with industry insights, they can not only build their motivation but also enlarge their vision with confidence.

This article, as a product of extensive research, outlines nine online sources that offer the best content for every entrepreneur, whether a novice or a seasoned veteran.


With its focus on news and information about business, leadership, finance, innovation, and much more, Forbes is a place where you can find valuable content daily. Considering the great reputation of Forbes magazine through the years, its virtual successor – the Forbes website – was predestined to be well-accepted and approved by entrepreneurs worldwide.

This prestigious online source justifies the trust it enjoys, and every business professional would be smart to bookmark their URL.

Investing.io NewsletterFind Investors For Startup

Startup newsletters are the most convenient way to get the latest startup, investing, and bootstrapping stories brought to you directly by skilled entrepreneurs and established startup founders.

We found that the startup newsletter from Investing.io delivers not only highly actionable tips from the entrepreneurial ecosystem but also real-time advice on authentic business opportunities and access to high-quality resources.

They do a lot of hard work to curate their twice-weekly newsletter, so don’t pass on the opportunity to sign up. It’s completely free!

Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine is a website that stands out from the crowd with its abundance of articles covering the enterprise world in great detail. Because of their tendency to dig deeper into the business ground, their content works as a handbook for founders, business owners, and CEOs who aspire to start, run, and grow successful companies. The Inc.Startup, Inc.Grow, and Inc.Lead sections contain awesome advice for every entrepreneur and startup.

Their topics usually cover information on how to:

  • make a business plan
  • start a home-made business
  • properly name a company
  • run a successful small business
  • be a great leader
  • adopt effective strategies for managing people, etc.

EntrepreneurGrow a Business from Scratch

As the name says, Entrepreneur is all about entrepreneurs and enterprise. Starting with inspirational videos of accomplished professionals and a rich program of podcasts, visitors can also scroll through a section where female entrepreneurs are emphasized.

With tons of other content, this website is an online destination entrepreneurs can’t afford to avoid. The platform ranks high on the list of valuable online resources because of its dedication to motivating, encouraging, and glorifying entrepreneurship.

A Smart Bear

A Smart Bear is a blog about startups, marketing, and geekery. Its author, Jason Cohen, is a four-time profitable entrepreneur, an investor in many companies, and a mentor at Capital Factory. Cohen enjoys a reputable authority in the digital business space, with high competence to advise enthusiasts about starting and bootstrapping a business.

By sharing his inner thoughts through very engaging articles, he has built a blog that now enjoys a vast and dedicated readership.

Design Sponge’s Biz LadiesGrow Your Startup Faster

The Biz Ladies section of the Design Sponge website focuses on women entrepreneurs, their experience, and the daily challenges they face. It’s a great platform that offers much- needed encouragement and useful tips about successfully running a business as a female founder.

When the story is told by many leading women using their unique storytelling style, it can make a big difference in motivating many others to dare and fulfill their dreams.


Business Globally known as one of the most popular e-learning platforms, Udemy is a place where anyone can enroll in a course or publish one. As for entrepreneurs, this platform developed Udemy Business, where business-related courses have the spotlight.

Their belief that the power of learning and teaching can make a change is a leading idea for developing the concept of their platform. They help entrepreneurs reach their full potential by providing effective learning tools.

Under30CEOStartup Business

The way Under30CEO addresses their readers (future entrepreneurs as well as established business owners) feels very much like the right way. As biased as this may sound, we sincerely believe it’s true.

Their approach is simple, straightforward, and at times it seems effortless, while the topics and content are compelling. All of this contributes to acquiring the younger audience they’re after.

This online resource offers advice for startups, funding, and investments. They also often feature career tips, entrepreneur interviews, and similar content that helps young entrepreneurs learn the ropes and start building their dreams.


ProBlogger is a great place for all entrepreneurs who want to start a blog, create content, find readers, build a community, and make money blogging on a professional level. The creator himself, Darren Rowse, earned a living as a full-time blogger.

His archive counts over 8000 articles, tips, tutorials, and case studies that make ProBlogger a worthwhile source for devoted enthusiasts to develop the necessary skills.

Sources of Information for Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs need an entire machine behind the scenes where they can go to power themselves up with the necessary knowledge and skills so they can continue developing their ideas into powerful companies. Our list of the best nine online sources of information for entrepreneurs is something that every entrepreneur should bookmark and deserves to be the engine of that machine.

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