Cybersecurity Audits Procedure | SIT103

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Cybersecurity Audits Procedure

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Cybersecurity Audits Procedure assesses the Information Technology Security functions, processes, and procedures by conducting periodic audits. The Cybersecurity Audits Procedures ensure that the Company’s cybersecurity system conforms to legal, regulatory, and Company requirements, that the system is effectively implemented and maintained, and that it performs as expected.

Cybersecurity Audits Responsibilities

Information Technology Managers are responsible for attending opening and closing meetings regarding the Information Technology Security audit, reviewing audit findings, and final approval of the audit report.

The Audit Team Leader is responsible for conducting and supervising the Information Technology Security audit; supervising audit team members, if any; conducting opening and closing meetings for the audit; preparing and presenting the final audit report.

The Information Technology Security Manager is responsible for reviewing the findings of the Information Technology Security audit and overseeing corrective actions, if any.

Information Technology staff are responsible for complying with the Information Technology Security audit while in process and providing assistance to the security auditor when needed.

Cybersecurity Audits Procedure Activities

  • Cybersecurity Audit Planning
  • Cybersecurity Audit Plan
  • Cybersecurity Audit Review
  • Cybersecurity Audit – Corrective Action

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