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editable in ms wordMarketing Plan Procedure

The purpose of the Marketing Plan Procedure is to introduce new products, enter new markets, and continue existing product growth. The Marketing Plan Procedure defines marketing activities for a period of time and serves as a yearly marketing review and planning document. The procedure also ensures that marketing objectives and strategies are in agreement with those of your company.

The Marketing Plan Procedure applies to the strategy team and the President/CEO. (14 pages, 1722 words)

Marketing Plan Responsibilities:

The Strategy Team is responsible for developing and overseeing implementation of the MP1070-1MARKETING PLAN.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is responsible for approving the MP1070-1 ” MARKETING PLAN.

Marketing Plan Definitions:

Break-even analysis – A procedure for evaluating alternatives to determine when cumulative benefits equal cumulative costs, using projected value – not present value – costs.

Business plan – Blueprint and communication tool for the Company; device to help the Company describe how it intends to operate; road map, telling others how the Company expects to get from the current to a future state; written document that describes a business, its objectives, strategies, market and financial forecast.

Marketing plan – An integral part of the business plan, stating in words and numbers how, where and to whom a business proposes to sell its product and/or services; a written document that details actions necessary to achieve specified marketing objectives.

Net present value (NPV) – Future stream of benefits and costs converted into equivalent values today; present value of a series of future net cash flows that will result from an investment, minus the amount of the original investment.

Return on marketing investment (ROMI) – A measure of how successful a marketing campaign is, in terms of the returns on money spent; the ratio of marketing project net benefit to total cost.

Marketing Plan Procedure Marketing Plan Procedure Activities

  • Marketing Plan-Background
  • Developing the Marketing Plan
  • Reviewing and Finalizing the Marketing Plan
  • Monitoring the Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Procedure Forms



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