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easily editable in ms wordInterview Guidelines Template

The Sales Manager should develop the Interview Guidelines Template to be used in conducting and evaluating interviews. First interviews should be conducted and evaluated in accordance with AD1040-2 INTERVIEW GUIDELINES, with emphasis on the following best practices:

  • Put candidates at ease at the start of the interview with small talk;
  • Ask different types of questions (probing, open ended, close ended) to gauge candidates ability to assess situational cues;
  • Do not comment on responses, other than conversational follow up questions;
  • Gather information on past job and performance behaviors;
  • Pay attention to body language; and
  • End quickly on a friendly tone.

Interview questions should be prepared prior to the interview, and noted on the Interview Guidelines Template. A plethora of resources (books, web pages) exist that contain example interview questions used to gather information and gauge various candidate attributes, qualifications, and performance history. Second interviews shall be conducted and evaluated in accordance with these guidelines. After each phase of the hiring process, the Sales Manager, the Human Resources Manager, and others involved in the hiring process, should meet to determine causes for poor hiring selections, and ways to improve hiring.

Interview Guidelines TemplateInterview Guidelines Template Details

Pages: 05
Words: 150
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Sales and Marketing
Category: Administration
Procedure: Sales Hiring Procedure AD1040
Type: Form

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