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easily editable in ms wordProject Plan ISO Template

After receiving Top Management’s approval of a project definition and depending on the project’s scope and level of complexity, the Product Development team should create a Project Plan ISO Template. QP1090-1 PROJECT PLAN can be used as a guide, describing activities, goals, checkpoints/milestones, timelines, and a budget for each phase of the project. The Project Manager oversees the PD team’s creation of the Project Plan.

The Plan should describe in detail how the project will be accomplished, by whom, by what deadline (date), and with what resources. The Project Plan ISO Template begins with the approved project definition, which the Team fleshes out by including management, process, and content details. The Project Plan ISO Template should be dynamic – changing as knowledge and understanding are gained and as the project changes – meaning that documentation must continually keep up with any changes.

When the PD team has completed the Project Plan, the Project Manager should submit the Plan to Top Management for review. Once the Project Plan is put into action, the Project Manager should review the Plan periodically “and when project milestones are reached” with the Project Team. The Project Team should revise the Plan as required and communicate Plan updates to all employees, contractors, etc., working on or affected by the project.

Project Plan ISO TemplateProject Plan ISO Template Details

Pages: 21
Words: 5033
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Quality Assurance Policy Statement and Procedures
Procedure: ISO Project Definition Procedure QP1090
Type: Guide


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