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easily-editable-in-ms-wordLost/Stolen Form Template

In the event of a lost or stolen check, determine with the customer the check numbers that were lost/stolen and complete the Lost/Stolen Form Template. Include the following on BNK105-1 LOST/STOLEN FORM:

  • The account number
  • The range of lost/stolen checks
  • A current telephone number where the customer can be reached during banking hours

Place the range of checks and a brief description on the customer’s account for six months. Contact the customer when checks are presented for payment to determine if he or she would like them to be paid or returned. Notify the customer that if the check presented for payment is in the specified range and we are unable to contact him or her, it will be returned.

Complete the Lost/Stolen Form in the event of a lost or stolen ATM card as well. It is important to process lost/stolen ATM card transactions quickly to prevent loss and fraud to both the bank and the customer. Reissue the card and inquire if the PIN was lost/stolen with the card. If so, reissue the PIN as well. Inform the customer that the account will be reviewed before the card is reissued, and the bank has the discretion to not reissue the card if there is adverse activity on the account.

Lost/Stolen Form TemplateLost/Stolen Form Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 115
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Banking Policies and Procedures Manual
Procedure: Lost Stolen Checks NS Funds Procedure BNK105
Type: Form


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