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easily editable in ms wordFinancial Analysis Plan Template

The Financial Analysis Plan Template should include key financial ratios, key financial plots, interpretation of analysis results, and more. The CFO should conduct an analysis of the company’s financial statements at the end of every financial period, or as required by Top Management and the Board of Directors and/or in accordance with law. The financial analysis should include:

  • Selected ratio calculations and evaluations for information on current or most recent financial statement.
  • Trends of statement components (earning, expense, profit) over the recent financial periods and fiscal years, for example, the previous 2-10 fiscal years.
  • Selected ratio analysis and ratio trends over the recent financial periods, fiscal year, and most recent 2-10 fiscal years, focusing on ratios important to the industry, business model, and financial objectives.
  • Trends and ratios for the recent financial periods, fiscal year, and most recent 2-10 fiscal years in relation to typical industry benchmarks and standards.

The CFO should list key ratios for analysis in Section I on the FS1020-1 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PLAN. The particular ratios used for analysis should be consistent over time; the CFO should present valid reason(s) for adding or dropping ratios used for analysis. The CFO should also complete the information on the Financial Analysis Plan about ratios used that can provide valuable information about how the business is performing and areas of strengths and weakness.

The CFO should review and evaluate the information compiled and calculated, then note any meanings, interpretations, and explanations for the results in Section V of the FS1020-1 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PLAN.

Financial Analysis Plan TemplateFinancial Analysis Plan Template Details

Pages: 04
Words: 194
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Finance
Category: Financial Statements
Procedure: Financial Statement Analysis Procedure FS1020
Type: Form


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