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easily-editable-in-ms-wordAS9100 Supplier Performance Log Template

The AS9100 Supplier Performance Log Template covers aerospace supplier name, class, status, certifications, history, and more. The Procurement Manager should periodically evaluate the performance of each aerospace supplier on the Approved Supplier List (annually, at a minimum) for the following factors:

  • A history of supplying quality products or services (e.g., supplier meets or exceeds company’s 99% quality requirement (no more than 1 of 100 items/lots rejected));
  • The aerospace supplier’s on-time delivery record (i.e., Does the supplier meet the company’s requirement of 100% just-in-time (zero days early / late)?);
  • The aerospace supplier’s record of delivering quantities as ordered (e.g., company requirement = no back-orders);
  • Second-party audit results (see section 6.0); and
  • Certification (i.e. ISO) status (current or in-process).

Quality Assurance should reevaluate disqualified aerospace suppliers to a higher level regarding the same factors that led to their disqualification. This reevaluation may include additional (or increased) inspection of samples and on-site quality audits. The Procurement Manager should maintain a record of each supplier’s performance on AS1110-3 SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE LOG.  The Aerospace Supplier Performance Log should include, at a minimum:

  • Aerospace Supplier name and contact info;
  • Supplier class;
  • Supplier quality and performance ratings (section 5.1);
  • Certification(s), if any;
  • Last quality audit date and auditor (if applicable);
  • Quality contact;
  • Order ID;
  • Nonconformities; and
  • Supplier Corrective actions; and more.

AS1110-3 Supplier Performance LogSupplier Performance Log AS9100 Template

Pages: 02
Words: 70
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Aerospace
Procedure: Supplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100 AS1110
Type: Log

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