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AS9100 Material Return Notice Template Word


The AS9100 Material Return Notice Template Word is a comprehensive and customizable document that helps aerospace and defense organizations to manage their material return process efficiently. This template is designed to meet the requirements of AS9100, the international quality management standard for the aerospace industry.

The Material Return Notice (MRN) is a critical document that enables organizations to track and manage the return of materials from customers, suppliers, and internal departments. The AS9100 Material Return Notice Template Word provides a standardized format for creating MRNs that comply with AS9100 requirements.

The template includes all the necessary sections and fields to capture essential information such as the reason for return, part number, quantity, and disposition instructions. It also includes a section for documenting the investigation and corrective actions taken to prevent similar issues in the future.

The AS9100 Material Return Notice Template Word is fully customizable, allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs. The template is available in Microsoft Word format, making it easy to edit and share with stakeholders. It also includes detailed instructions and guidance on how to complete each section of the MRN.

By using the AS9100 Material Return Notice Template Word, organizations can streamline their material return process, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. It also helps organizations to demonstrate compliance with AS9100 requirements and other industry standards.

Material Return Notice AS Template

The Material Return Notice AS Template covers date, quantity, part number, reason for rejection, and more. In the event of any damage, deterioration, of unsuitability of customer-supplied items, Receiving should process such items in accordance with AS1230 CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT. An AS1170-1 MATERIAL RETURN NOTICE should be prepared with the applicable information. The Aerospace Material Return Notice should then be returned to the customer with the nonconforming items and other related paperwork (e.g., packing slips).

If, for any reason, there is a shortage or loss of items discovered after the original Receiving and Inspection report is prepared, the Inventory Control Manager should issue a written report on the discrepancy, in accordance with AS1230 CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT, and notify the customer of the loss. The Inventory Control Manager is responsible for identifying items as coming from or belonging to the customer, keeping those items segregated from other production materials/tools, and maintaining control of customer inventory.

AS1170-1 Material Return NoticeMaterial Return Notice AS Template Details

Pages: 02

Words: 30

Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)

Language: English

Manual: Aerospace

Procedure: Customer Property Procedure AS9100 AS1170

Type: Form


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