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easily editable in ms wordBank Loan Applications Procedure

The Bank Loan Applications Procedure provides guidelines for determining suitable lending requirements and format and preparation of loan proposals. This procedure applies to bank loan applications but can be used for alternate forms of financing. Proposals can be used for loan applications for one or more banks or lending institutions. (8 pages, 1883 words)

Bank Loan Applications Responsibilities:

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is responsible for directing the Finance Department in developing borrowing and financial plans to meet the needs of the company’s operations.

The Board of Directors is responsible for authorizing the raising of capital through bank loans.

Bank Loan Applications Definitions:

Collateralization – Securing a debt in part or in full by a pledge of collateral (an asset pledged as security to ensure payment or performance of an obligation).

Covenant – Condition that a borrower must comply with according to the terms of the loan agreement; if the borrower does not act in accordance with a covenant, the loan can be considered in default, in which case the lender has the right to demand payment, usually in full.

Credit scoring – Measuring and evaluating creditworthiness of a loan applicant; profitability, solvency, management ability, liquidity, and other information may be factored into an applicant’s credit score.

Securitization – Pooling of non-traded assets for the purpose of issuing standardized securities backed by those assets, which can then be traded like any other security; bundling and resale of debt instruments to investors, permitted only for parties licensed and regulated by the SEC; process of selling non-conventional loan packages to investors (public or private) who represent an interest in the cash flow generated by asset-backed loans.

Takedown – Transfer of money from a lender to a borrower under a loan agreement, loan commitment, or line of credit.

Bank Loan Applications ProcedureBank Loan Applications Procedure Activities

  • Assessing Capital Requirements
  • Preparing Bank Loan Applications
  • Applying for a Bank Loan
  • Closing the Bank Loan
  • Bank Loan Service and Reporting
  • Bank Loan Analysis

Bank Loan Applications Procedure Forms


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  1. Afif

    Does lender need a deposit from borrower to activate the loan cheque ? But the deposit need to be in the borrower account . Not to other third party account or so . Some say they maybe a scammer . Fast respond needed . Thanks for helping

    • Chris Anderson

      You would need to check with your financial institution for their requirements.

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