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AS9100 Receiving Log Template Word


The AS9100 Receiving Log Template Word is a comprehensive tool designed to help aerospace and defense organizations maintain a record of all incoming materials and products. This template is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of AS9100, the international quality management standard for the aerospace industry.

The template is easy to use and customizable, allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs. It includes fields for recording important information such as the date of receipt, the supplier name, the part number, the quantity received, and the inspection status. The template also includes a section for recording any non-conformances or discrepancies, as well as a section for documenting corrective actions taken.

Using the AS9100 Receiving Log Template Word can help organizations ensure that all incoming materials and products are properly documented and inspected, reducing the risk of non-conformances and improving overall quality. It can also help organizations meet the requirements of AS9100, which requires organizations to maintain records of all incoming materials and products.

The template is available for download in Microsoft Word format, making it easy to use and customize. It is also compatible with other quality management systems, making it a versatile tool for any aerospace or defense organization.

Overall, the AS9100 Receiving Log Template Word is an essential tool for any organization looking to improve their quality management processes and meet the requirements of AS9100. With its comprehensive design and customizable format, it is a valuable asset for any aerospace or defense organization.

Receiving Log AS Template

The Receiving Log AS Template covers log number, sender, carrier, tracking number, and more. Receiving should visually inspect all incoming shipments for possible damage.

  • If damage is apparent (e.g., packaging is dented or punctured, leakage is evident), Receiving should notify the Procurement Manager and move the suspect shipment to the appropriate holding area for determination of disposition, in accordance with AS1230 CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING MATERIAL.
    • Management should determine if a damaged shipment may be conditionally accepted and damaged items returned or the entire shipment is to be rejected and returned. The Procurement Manager should file claims against the shipper, where applicable.
    • If the shipment shows no signs of damage:
      • Information on the packing slip should be matched with the incoming shipment; and
      • Item inventory should be updated.

Receiving should update the AS1130-1 RECEIVING LOG with the appropriate information, move incoming items to their appropriate storage areas, and forward the packing slip to the Procurement Manager for reconciliation with the related purchase order. When completing the Aerospace Receiving Log, keep in mind that Receiving should not place parts, components, supplies, etc., into inventory unless they are found to conform to specified requirements, unless they are released under positive recall or are DTS items.

AS1130-1 Receiving LogReceiving Log AS Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 18
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Aerospace
Procedure: Receiving Inspection Procedure AS9100 AS1130
Type: Log

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