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The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for maintaining the monitoring and measuring equipment AS9100 Calibration Database Template.  The purpose of the AS1180-2 CALIBRATION DATABASE is to identify equipment location, calibration status, calibration frequency, range of accuracy, and calibration history.  The Aerospace Calibration Database should also identify those instruments that may be used as working or reference standards to calibrate other instruments.  During the first week of each month, the Quality Assurance Manager should issue recall notices for monitoring and measuring equipment due for calibration in that month.

  • It is generally the equipment holder’s responsibility to return portable monitoring and measurement equipment to the Quality Assurance Manager for calibration. (The “equipment holder” is the person responsible for the process where the monitoring/measurement equipment is in use.)
  • Calibration personnel are responsible for non-portable equipment.

It is the monitoring and measuring equipment holder’s responsibility to verify that the calibration sticker is present and that the dates are valid before using the instrument. Monitoring/measuring equipment without a tag is considered out of calibration and the Quality Assurance Manager must be notified of such situations. Maintenance and calibration of monitoring and measuring equipment is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

AS1180-2 Calibration DatabaseCalibration Database AS9100 Template Details

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Procedure: Control of Monitoring-Measuring Eqpt Procedure AS9100 AS1180
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