The Revenue Policies and Procedures Manual should be utilized to account for and recognize all sales income of your company. Use these revenue cycle accounting procedures to ensure efficiency and success in your accounting department.

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    • Account Collections Procedure REV109
    • Accounts Receivable REV106
    • Credit Policy REV103
    • Point-Of-Sale Orders POS REV102
    • Progress Billing REV108
    • Return Goods Procedure
    • Sales Order Acceptance REV104
    • Sales Order Entry REV101
    • Sales Tax Collection REV107
    • Shipping REV105


    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee REV110-1
    • Account Collections Form
    • Accounts Receivable Write-Off Form
    • Commercial Invoice Example
    • Credit Application Template REV103-1
    • Credit Approval Request Template
    • Credit Inquiry Request Template
    • Commercial Invoice Example
    • Phone Confirmation Checklist Template
    • Return Goods Authorization REV110-2
    • Sales Order Template REV101-1
    • Shipping Log Form