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What Are the Benefits of Lean 5S System?

5S is an exceptional lean system, in theory. Where it often falls short is in the execution. Now, I’m not saying that for every benefit of Lean 5S system, there’s a drawback. As designed, it’s all good. But like they say, “There are at least two sides to every story.”  What are the benefits of lean 5s system? Continue reading What Are the Benefits of Lean 5S System?

What Is ISO?

In the old days of Kodachrome film (before digital cameras) ISO was used as a measure of how receptive your film is to light as indicated by the numbers – 100, 200, 400, 800 for film speed. A higher ISO number meant more sensitivity, but more noise or a larger grain in the resulting photo, which in turn required more light (longer shutter or wider f stop). Continue reading What Is ISO?