Post Examination Procedure | MDO104

Post Examination Procedure

The health of your patients is of primary importance and a proper follow-up after each contact with a patient is considered vital. Referrals and prescriptions will be provided as necessary in an accurate and timely manner.

The Post Examination Procedure details all necessary paperwork that is often required following an examination. This procedure applies to all personnel that interact with a patient or their documentation. (2 pages, 572 words)

Post Examination Responsibilities:

The Office Manager will be responsible for maintaining all patient records.

Post Examination Procedure Activities

  • Referral Procedure
  • Information Release
  • Prescriptions
  • Special Tests
  • Lab Work


Staffing Policies Procedure | MDO106

Staffing Policies Procedure

The Staffing Policies Procedure explains all important details and rules regarding medical office staffing policies. The medical office staff will adhere to certain rules to ensure a safe and professional work environment. All employees will be immunized, have CPR training, and arrive for work dressed in a clean and conservative manner. This procedure applies to all medical office staff. (6 pages, 1,233 words)

The Medical Office Manager will be responsible for overseeing the management of all medical office staff and the overall efficiency of the office. It is their responsibility to make employee schedules, handle the finances of the office, handle the overall maintenance of the office and be the direct contact for any problems involving the office. They must be efficient, organized and personable.

Because of the nature of business conducted at the office, it is very important to be sure that all employees of the office have immunization records that are up to date, for the safety of the employee, co-workers, as well as the patients.

In addition, all employees should be trained and certified in CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques. Because it is a medical office, employees must be prepared for emergencies. A CPR and Basic Life Support class will provide employees with the necessary techniques needed for medical emergencies.

In order to keep the office looking professional, certain policies should be followed regarding the appearance of employees. The first step is to enforce a specified uniform that must be followed by all employees. This usually consists of white shoes/sneakers, white socks and a designated color for all clothing. All long hair should be kept tied back and above the shoulders.

All office employees must remember to treat patients with courtesy at all times. Office personnel should seem pleasant and helpful to the patients.

Staffing Policies Procedure Activities

  • Immunization Record of Employees
  • CPR and Basic Life Support Certification
  • Uniform Policy
  • General Office Demeanor
  • Importance of Having and RN on Duty

Staffing Policies Procedure Forms


Medical Office Policies Procedures Manual | Bizmanualz

Medical Office Policies Procedures Manual

Develop your Medical Office Policies Procedures Manual quickly and easily using editable Word templates. This DOWNLOAD is an excellent add-on to the Bizmanualz Business Policies and Procedures Sampler. It includes prewritten MS-WORD  Medical Office Policies and Procedures Manual Template with forms templates for any medical office manager. DOWNLOAD Yours Now.

Instant Medical Office Policy and Procedures

This Medical Office Policies and Procedures Manual Template was developed to assist medical office managers in preparing a Medical Office Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual for your small to medium size medical practice. It can be custom tailored to fit your front office staff and operations.

The content also supplements Bizmanualz core SOP business procedures manuals for Accounting or Human Resources.

Medical Office Manual Table of Contents

How to Create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template

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Your Medical Office Manual Includes

1 Medical Office Employee Handbook

Your Medical Office Employee Handbook contains your medical practice policies to your employees. It is your practice’s way of informing employees of company expectations, privacy practices, workplace guidelines, and the fair and equitable treatment of all employees.

Your Employee Handbook covers all aspects related to workplace employment, benefits, and everyday employee code of conduct.

9 Medical Office Policies and Procedures

Medical Office Staff
HIPAA Authorization Form

9 Medical Office Forms

9 Medical Practice Job Descriptions

Medical Practice Organization Chart

1 Medical Office Organization Chart

The Medical Practice Organization Chart is developed in MS-Word and can be easily edited to reflect your physician office practices, job functions, and governance reporting structure.

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