Adequate control over all cash receipts and disbursement are a vital element of the company’s internal accounting controls. The following procedures should be utilized to control the flow of cash through your company and should be clearly defined within your accounting manual.

The Cash Policies and Procedures Manual is designed to help ensure that contractors meet all requirements and that implemented controls are effective. Your company may also be required by law to show outsourced functions, like cash management, are under control.

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  • Bank Account Reconciliations Procedure | CSH107

  • Cash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure | CSH101

  • Cash Receipts Deposits Procedure | CSH102

  • Check Requests Procedure | CSH106

  • Check Signing Authority Procedure | CSH105

  • Petty Cash Procedure | CSH108

  • Problem Checks Procedure | CSH103

  • Wire Transfer Procedure | CSH104


  • Bad Check Notice Template | CSH103-1

  • Bank Account Reconciliation Report Template | CSH107-1

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  • Petty Cash Accounting Journal Template | CSH108-1

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