Onpolicy Software Overview

Home Screen

OnPolicy Dash Board


When you first log into OnPolicy as an Editor or an Administrator, you’ll first see the Home Screen. The Home Screen essentially has four sections:


The header shows your company name and also has navigation links for changing your profile and getting help. It also has a search box for you to find your documents easily.

If you are using OnPolicy as an “Editor” or “Administrator”, you will also see a link for “Reader View” to view what the end users see.

Navigation Tabs

Right under your company name, the navigation tabs let you move between home, documents, reports, and software administration.


The OnPolicy dashboard gives you a quick access to your documents, tasks, required reading, and followed documents. It also shows a chart of released documents.


On the right side of the screen you will see all announcements from editors and administrators.


Documents – Add, Manage & Distribute

OnPolicy Documents Listing


In the documents section, you can explore all business documents already uploaded into OnPolicy. You can also add new policy, procedure, and forms documents and, through each individual document, start and manage workflows. Supported document types include: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, graphics files, and many others.

The Document Tree

On the left side, you will see the document tree which you can use to view and select your desired documents organized by category and group.

The Document List

On the right side of the screen you will see documents from the selected section on the document tree. You can also select documents that you’d like to follow and stay current on their update progress.

Add New Documents

Click on the “add new document” button to upload one or more document(s).

Document Details

Click on any document on the document list to view revision status about that document on a new document details screen.


Document Details & Workflows

OnPolicy Document Workflows


Inside the document details screen you can edit the document metadata details, department, category, type, and required reading options.

More Document Details

Towards the lower half of the document detail screen, you’ll see a set of tabs that will let you view/edit document revisions, user permissions, activity log, list of related documents, miscellaneous information, and document settings.

Document Workflow

Under the Revisions tab, you can set the document draft-review-approve-release workflow. Under the permissions tab, you can assign various stages of the document workflow to various OnPolicy users in your organization.



OnPolicy Reports


You can generate and export software usage reports here.

Released Document

List of released documents that all readers can see.

Required Reading

View who has read documents that are marked as “required.”

Document Workflow

See which personnel is assigned what role in the workflow.

User Report

See a list of active users and their document roles.


Software Administration

OnPolicy Software Settings


This is where OnPolicy Administrators can add/edit users, departments, categories, document types, company profile, purchase plans, software settings, etc.


The user tab lets administrators change user profiles including password. You can also set departmental permissions by user.


This is where you change/add department and category settings.

Document Types

You can add/change document types such as policies, procedures, forms etc.


Change company profile as well as software settings for Java, email, save & print options here.


Reader Module – For End Users

OnPolicy Reader Module


This is what your end users (readers) see. All documents are shown as PDF files. The reports and administration tabs are not visible to readers.

Readers can search for the documents they want and can browse all documents or search for specific documents. While browsing all documents, readers can use the document tree to filter by departments and categories.