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“I found the Bizmanualz Policies and Procedures manual to be an efficient way to build my new organization’s accounting manual in a short time. Adapting the specific policies and procedures to our needs was quite simple, and I saved a great deal of valuable time better spent elsewhere.”

Bob Dodd, CPA, Controller
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Write An Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual Fast

Are you tasked with writing or updating your company’s Accounting Policies Procedures Manual?  Accounting standard operating procedure (SOP) help, whether you want to standardize your bookkeeping processes by incorporating standard best practices, or build strong internal controls to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse, you have come to the right place to account for your SOP manual.

Now you can write your company’s accounting standard operating procedure (SOP) manual in the time that it takes you to download it from our website. This download only product contains easily editable Microsoft Word Templates to make writing your Accounting Manual a quick, simple process. That’s right, customizing the content is really that easy (they are just MS Office Word documents).

And, best of all, you don’t have to start from scratch. Altogether this manual is comprised of over 720 Microsoft Word pages written by knowledgeable CPA’s and technical writers, and reviewed by experts in the field.

Why Accounting Procedures

An Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual Template Saves Time

You will save hundreds of hours in development and have a set of comprehensive accounting best practice templates. You will save the aggravation of researching best accounting procedures. And best of all, your procedure writing project will get done a lot quicker, so you can move on to other more pressing matters you have to work on at your company.Policies and Procedures MS Word Template

Get started right away! Just download a complete set of easy to edit Word templates to simplify your policy procedure writing process.

Instantly Develop Accounting Policies that Answer Basic Accounting Questions

The Bizmanualz Accounting Policy and Procedure Manual Template set includes answers to basic accounting questions:

  • How long do you need to keep different types of accounting records?
  • What financial reporting does your company need?
  • What should be your policy on accounts receivables, collections, or returned goods?
  • What is the proper method of disposing of assets?
  • How should you count inventory and should you use cycle counting?
  • How should you follow up with purchase orders?
  • How do you approve new vendors or suppliers?
Accounting Policies Procedures

Download a Free Sample Accounting Procedure

View a free sample procedure from the accounting manual right now with no obligation. You will get the entire table of contents and one complete policy and procedure file from the accounting manual. Ready to buy now? Place your order using our secure server and you’ll be able to download your accounting manual immediately. With our money-back guarantee, your purchase is risk-free!

Creating an Accounting Manual

What’s Included with Your Accounting Manual?

You will receive 720 pages of content within seven sections:

1. Accounting Policy Manual Template

First, a 50 page Policy Manual is used as a top level document to all accounting principles (GAAP or IFRS) and policies governing your company’s accounting procedures.

2. Accounting Manual Table of Contents

Next, 347 pages that include 39 prewritten accounting procedures, 56 accounting forms and corresponding activities–customize each Microsoft® Word document template to your needs.

3. Accounting Job Descriptions Template

The Accounting Manual also includes 111 pages with 32 Accounting Job Descriptions covering the primary Accounting Department.

4. How to Prevent Embezzlement Manual

Free Bonus – Your Accounting Manual also includes this 75 page guide to preventing embezzlement. Learn how to use a “Loss Prevention Audit” risk assessment to locate your company’s windows of opportunity.

5. Introduction to Accounting Training Guide

A 35 page training guide explains the basic concepts of accounting, its structure, standards and definitions, and more.

6. “How To” Manual Preparation Guide

A 41 page Procedure writing guide provides guidance to develop and implement your company’s Accounting Policies and Procedures manual.

7. Accounting Manual Keyword Index

Easily find what you are looking for inside the Accounting Manual using the 24 page Keyword Index.

How to Create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template