Daniel J Frawley, MS

Contributing Editor

Daniel Frawley has over 25 years of combined quality assurance and waste management experience in various industries including aluminum can manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, the nuclear defense industry and consulting services.

He has been involved in the environmental and waste management area for over 15 years, during which time he has supervised industrial water and wastewater treatment processes and hazardous waste operations, helped develop and implement chemical reclamation systems that resulted in significant savings, and managed multi-million dollar projects. For over 8 years, Mr. Frawley managed quality assurance organizations including quality assurance for class III critical medical devices. Manufacturing areas ranged from plastics molding and assembly through electromechanical build and assembly. He codeveloped supplier quality audit systems, performed internal and external audits, and implemented statistical process control techniques.

He has also been heavily involved in the implementation of major software systems in manufacturing and waste management areas. He has developed training courses and provided instruction in areas such as computer software systems, quality auditing and environmental management systems implementation. Some of Mr. Frawley’s projects include the development of an ISO 14000 certification program for an ISO Registrar; development and implementation of complete QA systems for clients; and performing hazards assessments in support of emergency management systems development for Ford Motor Company. He also performs both ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 assessments for Orion Registrar, and continues to consult in both of these areas.

Mr. Frawley is a past Chair of the Boulder Colorado Section of ASQ and has instructed Certified Quality Auditor training courses for the section for over 7 years.


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