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dana-turnerContributing Editor Dana Turner

Dana Turner is a security practitioner with Security Education Systems — a research, consulting and training firm located near San Antonio, Texas.

Combining the knowledge gained in a successful law enforcement career with tactical business operations procedures, Dana has created unique security and loss prevention programs for governmental agencies, and the retail, service and financial industries. These programs consist of loss prevention techniques, security policy and procedures, and disaster recovery and business resumption strategies designed for use as training tools, planning mechanisms and reference guides.

Dana has served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities, including the investigation of business and banking crimes; as a community college instructor and administrator in both the law enforcement and business management fields; and as a program development specialist and trainer for private businesses, governmental agencies and professional associations. Dana is celebrating his 30th year in crime prevention.

Speaker Dana Turner

Dana has delivered more than 3,000 presentations. He has acquired an outstanding reputation as a dynamic, knowledgeable and entertaining instructor. In addition to his work with state banking and credit union associations, he designs and participates in continuing education programs offered by:

Consultant Dana Turner

Dana has completed more than 1,000 projects and assisted in the development and delivery of components of several seminars, schools and conferences, including:

  • ABA‘s National School for Bank Security;
  • BAI‘s Advanced Bank Security Officer School;
  • BAI‘s Audit and Compliance Conference;
  • BAI‘s Basic Bank Security Officer School;
  • BAI‘s Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption Seminar;
  • BAI‘s Graduate Schools of Banking;
  • BAI‘s Internal Crime Prevention and Investigation Seminar;
  • BAI‘s Loan Fraud Prevention Conference;
  • BAI‘s Security and Risk Management Conference;
  • Bankers’ Hotline Security Officer’s Workshop;
  • CSBS‘s Banking School of Hard Knocks Conference;
  • CSBS‘s Deputy Conference;
  • CSBS‘s Emerging Issues Conference;
  • FFIEC‘s Payment Systems Risk Conference;
  • FFIEC‘s White Collar Crime School;
  • ICBA‘s CEO Excellence Seminar;
  • ICBA‘s Security and Risk Management Seminar;
  • MandI Data Services’ Annual Conferences;
  • National Conference on Credit Union Fraud and Loss Prevention;
  • National Credit Union Supervisory Committee Conference.

Writer Dana Turner

Dana has written many manuals and books, and numerous newspaper, trade publication and magazine articles published and distributed both nationally and internationally. His written works published since 1984 include:

  • Business Crime Prevention Handbook
  • Conducting Investigations Manual For Financial Institutions;
  • Coping With Crimes Of Violence Manual For Businesses
  • Disaster Management Planning Manual For Corporations
  • Disaster Recovery Manual For Financial Institutions;
  • Internal Crime Prevention and Investigation Manual For Businesses
  • Loss Prevention Techniques and Training Manual For Financial Institutions;
  • Security and Operations Manual For Corporations
  • Security and Operations Manual For International Corporations
  • Security Program Manual For Financial Institutions;
  • Violent Crime Manual For Financial Institutions; and
  • More than 250 newspaper, trade publication and magazine articles published and distributed both nationally and internationally.


Dana has worked in several capacities, including:

  • Local, on-screen television interviews concerning police investigations;
  • Local, on-air radio personality for a weekly business crime radio show;
  • Local and national on-screen and on-air, radio and television interviews concerning crime and disaster recovery topics;
  • Local and national news publication interviews concerning crime and disaster recovery topics;
  • Developer and on-screen narrator of the Career$kill$ series of work experience seminars for the Santa Rosa Junior College;
  • Assistant Editor of Banker’s Hotline;
  • Moderator for BankersOnline.com; and
  • Developer, writer and on-screen narrator of the It Can Happen To You workplace violence videotape training program for the Bankers’ Video Library.

You can contact Dana directly via e-mail at [email protected]

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