Write for us: Guest Post Submission Request

So you want to write a guest post for us?


We are big fans of guest posts.

But we’re very picky about what we publish.

(Our blog gets over 500k page views per month, plus our 150k email subscribers. I don’t know if you’re counting, but that’s a lot of eyeballs. 👀)

Read on to find out everything you need to know to submit to the Bizmanualz blog.

🌟Aim: Provide the best content out there for SaaS and B2B executives.


✅ Essential criteria:

  • Check our blog for much-covered topics.
  • Completely original content.
  • 2,000+ words
  • Well-researched content (with cited sources)
  • Expert-led content
  • A friendly, casual tone
  • Proofed and edited
  • Correct grammar **
  • Excellent overall quality

** Grammar can be tricky. We like Grammarly and GrammarGirl for all our grammar-related questions.

👌 Nice to have:

  • Supporting screenshots/images (with cited sources)
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Lean into your expertise/specialization: What’s a thing that only you know?

📚 Topics:

We’re fanatical about processes. Shocking, right?

If you/your organization has a process that is:

  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Niche
  • All of the above

we definitely want to hear about it.

Same goes for experiences. Have you done something no one else has? Have you done something everyone does, but ten times better? Have an insider view of a particular operation/practice/etc.?

Yes, please.

That said, these are the topic areas we’re most interested in:

  • Cool, unique processes
  • HR
  • Business operations
  • Tech innovations
  • Startup life
  • CS
  • Onboarding processes

⛔ Just no:

  • Beginner 101 content
  • Recycled and/or oversaturated content
  • Listicles
  • Overly self-promotional content (see the bit about links below


  • US spelling/grammar.
  • Oxford commas are the only correct commas.
  • One through nine are spelled out (one, two, three, etc.); 10+ are numerals (10, 11, 12, etc.).
  • % not “percent,” please.
  • Regardless of value, percentages always use numerals (5%, 12%, 100%, etc.).
  • The codeword is kiwi. Remember that when you submit.
  • Spell out the first mention of an acronym; you can use only the acronym afterward.
  • Ecommerce, email, and other ewords are not hyphenated.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Good mix of subheaders (H2 and H3).
  • Forget the jargon.
  • Images should ideally be 1024 x 512.

A word on links

Include no more than 2 links to your own domain.

Posts with excessive irrelevant and/or uncredible links will automatically be declined.

What to do

Submit your draft directly by emailing ([email protected])

** Remember to bookmark this link for future use. You’ll need it later.

All submissions will be run through a plagiarism check. Cool kids don’t steal.

  • Remember to click the big, green “Complete” button at the bottom of every task.
  • All communication will happen via this workflow.
  • If for some inexplicable reason you need to email the editorial team directly, include the link to your workflow and as much info about your post as possible.
  • We don’t provide feedback on declined submissions.

It may take a while to get a response, so don’t panic. Your post is safely waiting in our queue for the editorial team to review.

❓ If you have any questions or difficulty submitting, contact Grace ([email protected]).

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