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How has COVID Impacted Business Process Management?

The COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives suddenly, impacted Business Process Management, and brought with it a rapid transition to new work systems and policies. For business process management, this has required plenty of changes all at once. Continue reading How has COVID Impacted Business Process Management?

Why People Don’t Follow Procedures

We always start our Well-Defined Processes Class by asking the participants “what’s wrong with your policies and procedures where you work?” and we always get the same answers. Students come to the class from different industries, companies, and geographies and yet we still get the same answers every time. So what are the real reasons behind why people don’t follow procedures? Continue reading Why People Don’t Follow Procedures

OnPolicy Policy Procedure Workflow

Our customers cite ‘organizational improvement’ as their main reason why they purchase policies and procedures. From many conversations we have gleaned that customers want to implement a system for continuous improvement and compliance. In a system, procedures are continuously reviewed, revised, and updated. Bizmanualz OnPolicy manages policy procedure workflow and simplifies compliance.

Continue reading OnPolicy Policy Procedure Workflow