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Do You Make These Quality Mistakes?

Quality management systems are commonly — and wrongly — viewed as a “necessary evil”. That is, your company’s top management feels a ISO QMS project won’t have an immediate and positive effect on the bottom line, but they’re going ahead with the project because “they’re making us do it!” This, along with many other Quality mistakes, are the reasons why such projects fail.

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Need Help With Your Quality Management System?

Developing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) requires a lot of effort to create a system, change employee behavior (management and workers), and obtain the desired results. Many companies have successfully built an ISO QMS, passed their initial registration audit, and later failed to maintain all of the documents, records, and quality process activities. Creating an ISO QMS is one thing but maintaining it can be just as difficult for your organization. Continue reading Need Help With Your Quality Management System?

What Is ISO?

In the old days of Kodachrome film (before digital cameras) ISO was used as a measure of how receptive your film is to light as indicated by the numbers – 100, 200, 400, 800 for film speed. A higher ISO number meant more sensitivity, but more noise or a larger grain in the resulting photo, which in turn required more light (longer shutter or wider f stop). Continue reading What Is ISO?