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What Is a Procedure?

What is a procedure? A “procedure” is a term used in a variety of industries to define a series of steps, taken together, to achieve a desired result. Procedures explain how to accomplish a task. A procedure is sometimes called a work instruction. If you are preparing an ISO 9001 quality management system, then the term procedure is used to describe a process, whereas a work instruction is used to describe something more basic like a specific step in a process. For example, how to fill out a form. Procedures are known in other ways too. Continue reading What Is a Procedure?

Why Have Procedures?

Why have procedures? Some would answer this question by providing very long lists of reasons why, these lists sometimes aren’t useful. They are too long to really remember and absorb, plus there is too much overlap and redundancy. Here are four very basic reasons that demonstrate why we should develop procedures to document important process. Continue reading Why Have Procedures?

How to Build an Effective Management System

Imagine what a professional football team would be like without an Effective Management System focused on a regimen of practice drills. Now take away their playbook and player statistics. What you have in this extreme scenario are highly talented (and perhaps overpaid) individuals participating in organized chaos. They might actually win a game or two, but in the long run, this team is doomed. Continue reading How to Build an Effective Management System

How to Use Procedure Validation

You’ve written a new procedure. Your procedure review identified completeness, correctness, and subject matter applicability. You feel you’ve caught your procedure writing errors and the procedure’s ready to go…but go where? How do you determine if your new procedure is working? How can you make that final step of procedure validation? Continue reading How to Use Procedure Validation

Has Your Process Procedures Project Stalled?

Your process is not living up to expectations, so you’ve decided to implement standard operating procedures (SOP) to improve process consistency, compliance, and effectiveness. However, that project is stalled: employees are not buying into your proposed changes, and management is growing impatient. So, how do you use your process procedures journey to your advantage?

Continue reading Has Your Process Procedures Project Stalled?