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Do Company Policies Exist If They’re Not Documented?

Process occur in each and every business. Some of your process are critical business processes that your company could not be in business without and others are less critical, but may be important. Understanding your risk is a major factor in your company governance, risk, and compliance program. How do you audit your process, demonstrate their effectiveness, and show that you have control when needed? Basically, do company policies exist if they’re not documented? Continue reading Do Company Policies Exist If They’re Not Documented?

How Do You Write Policies and Procedures?

Any old policy and procedure format saves time by not having to start from scratch, right? Well, not necessarily. Using a weak starting point can hurt employee usability, introduce confusion and user-error, and may not assist in your compliance and control objectives. The result could set your procedures project back further and cost you even more time to fix it later. So, why else should you write policies and procedures? Continue reading How Do You Write Policies and Procedures?

Why Have Procedures?

Why have procedures? Some would answer this question by providing very long lists of reasons why, these lists sometimes aren’t useful. They are too long to really remember and absorb, plus there is too much overlap and redundancy. Here are four very basic reasons that demonstrate why we should develop procedures to document important process. Continue reading Why Have Procedures?