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What is a Policy Manual?

Writing a policy manual provides important information on company policies relating to business processes, employee expectations, and organizational standards for performance. When writing a Policy Manual, think of it as a top level document to reference individual policies and associated procedures that support each policy. Continue reading What is a Policy Manual?

How to Create an Effective Ethics Policy

Questionable or downright unethical behavior can lead to the enrichment of a few and the financial ruin of many. And after the damage has been done, the legislature vows to make sure “it will never happen again”. So what can your business do to create an effective ethics policy and ensure you don’t fall victim to these situations? Continue reading How to Create an Effective Ethics Policy

What Is a Policy Cycle?

First, what is a policy? We know that a policy and procedure are two distinct entities. According to the dictionary, policy is a “definite course or method of action selected from alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decisions”. So, what is a policy cycle? Continue reading What Is a Policy Cycle?

How Policies Become Unenforceable

Policies are the backbone of every organization. Even start-up companies that don’t yet have formal policies follow long-standing, commonly accepted “rules” of individual and corporate behavior — implicit policies (e.g., the “Golden Rule”) that guide them. Yet, everyone has had to deal sooner or later with policies that are so poorly written that they’re without meaning and validity. In short, the Policies Become Unenforceable. Continue reading How Policies Become Unenforceable

Does Your Credit Policy Protect Your Business Cash?

When you deliver goods or services and you extend a business customer credit by accepting a promise to pay (accounts receivable) later through an invoice, then in a sense you are loaning your customers cash. During the whole process of acquiring loans, the first question every person must think about is whether the loan is essential at that moment or not. Does your credit policy protect your business cash?
Continue reading Does Your Credit Policy Protect Your Business Cash?

What Is in Accounts Receivable Policy Manual?

The purpose of your Accounts Receivable Policy, found in our Accounts Manuals Template, is to document the financial principles and policies governing your company’s accounting and collection practices. Your Accounts Receivable Policy Manual and associated accounting procedures are intended to satisfy the documentation requirements for an Accounting Management System. Continue reading What Is in Accounts Receivable Policy Manual?

How to Format Your Policies and Procedures Manual

The appearance and format of your policies and procedures statements are just as important as the organization and content of the policy and procedure manual. If you format your policies and procedures in a way that is appealing to the eye and that emphasizes the importance of the statements, they are more likely to be taken seriously and used on a regular basis by your employees. Continue reading How to Format Your Policies and Procedures Manual