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How Do You Make Policies and Procedures Work?

How can you make your policies and procedures work? Customers and readers alike tell us how difficult it can be to keep their policies and procedures up to date. Due to the ever-increasing rate of change, your policies and procedures can get “stale” (ineffective) very fast. What else goes wrong with procedures? Continue reading How Do You Make Policies and Procedures Work?

Policies and Procedures Questions Answered

There is a lot to do for visitors like you at the Bizmanualz website. You can read informative blog posts or articles, download free policies and procedures, or simply browse our products and services. You can also ask us about your policies and procedures projects or business improvement initiatives through our blog or other social media channels. What are some common policies and procedures questions we get? Continue reading Policies and Procedures Questions Answered

What Is a Policy Cycle?

First, what is a policy? We know that a policy and procedure are two distinct entities. According to the dictionary, policy is a “definite course or method of action selected from alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decisions”. So, what is a policy cycle? Continue reading What Is a Policy Cycle?

How to Fix Bad Business Policies

Some business policies are the result of undesirable consequences or something happens that shouldn’t. For example, a door isn’t secure from the outside and someone gets in your building who doesn’t belong. Now management creates a policy restricting the door’s use. For example, “That door is for exiting the building ONLY in case of emergencies. It is NEVER to be used as an entry.” Should we be enacting bad business policies or fixing the door? Continue reading How to Fix Bad Business Policies

Why Have Procedures?

Why have procedures? Some would answer this question by providing very long lists of reasons why, these lists sometimes aren’t useful. They are too long to really remember and absorb, plus there is too much overlap and redundancy. Here are four very basic reasons that demonstrate why we should develop procedures to document important process. Continue reading Why Have Procedures?

How Policies Become Unenforceable

Policies are the backbone of every organization. Even start-up companies that don’t yet have formal policies follow long-standing, commonly accepted “rules” of individual and corporate behavior — implicit policies (e.g., the “Golden Rule”) that guide them. Yet, everyone has had to deal sooner or later with policies that are so poorly written that they’re without meaning and validity. In short, the Policies Become Unenforceable. Continue reading How Policies Become Unenforceable