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How Workplace Organization Affects Company Development

Improving working conditions has a significant effect on production processes. The Kaizen philosophy can help a lot in this case. The Kaizen philosophy is primarily related to production. But let’s look at how this approach can be used in the office. Continue reading How Workplace Organization Affects Company Development

Do You Have a Business Performance Scoreboard?

Do you have a Business Performance Scoreboard? Airplane pilots pay attention to a number of things while flying a plane, as the plethora of dials, gauges, and displays on an airplane’s instrument cluster indicate. Some instruments require constant monitoring, some are checked occasionally, and still others may be checked only prior to takeoff or before landing. Still, they all have a role in helping the pilot safely operate the aircraft. I doubt if any of us want to fly with a pilot who doesn’t make effective use of the information that this complex set of instruments provides. Continue reading Do You Have a Business Performance Scoreboard?