COO Operational Technology Solutions

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the need for efficient and effective operational technology solutions is more crucial than ever. You may be facing challenges in managing and optimizing your business operations in this rapidly changing landscape. In this article, we will delve into the role of a COO in implementing operational technology solutions to […]

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What should a COO Know about Lean Manufacturing Principles?

The COO of Lean Manufacturing is like a referee in a game of tug-of-war between efficiency and chaos. It involves practices to eliminate waste and increase efficiency in manufacturing processes. Recent years have seen the growing importance of such practices. What should a COO know about lean manufacturing principles?

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What is The Difference Between Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure?

This artilce provides an overview of the difference between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure. Learn about the key differences between these two types of expenditures, including the impact on cash flow, tax implications, and more. Get the facts and make informed decisions about your business finances.

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Creating Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Manufacturing

Learn how to create an effective standard operating procedure for manufacturing with our comprehensive guide.

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What are the Hidden Costs of Offshore Manufacturing?
September 7, 2022 - Organize Your Business

Once you calculate all of your hidden costs associated with your Total Cost of Ownership you may find that low wage labor costs are not the whole story.

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What are the Reasons Businesses Fail?

Most businesses fail. There are a whole host of reasons why, but it usually boils down to a lack of understanding of the basic rules of business.  This blog will look at some rules that most businesses ignore, but that can make or break the success of a business. What are the reasons businesses fail?

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How Do You Turn Innovative Ideas Into New Products?

Do you have some innovative ideas for new products but don’t know how to make them a reality? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people have amazing business ideas but don’t know where to start. This blog post will discuss 5 ways to make your product ideas a reality. How do you turn innovative ideas […]

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What are the Responsibilities of Maintenance Manager?
March 1, 2022 - Empower Employees

Any given organization has different departments; however, the asset-intensive ones have a particular department in common — the maintenance department. What are the responsibilities of maintenance manager?

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What are the Technologies Transforming Manufacturing?
February 9, 2022 - Leverage Technology

It’s an undeniable fact that the fast pace of technological progress is one of the most defining traits of our modern-day civilization. What would seem barely a century ago like unholy magic only tricksters can do now is not only perfectly normal but, more importantly – ubiquitously available like technology improving the efficiency of business. […]

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