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What is Continual Improvement in ISO 9001?

If your goal is ISO certification, the best method is to create a compliant QMS in stages. We have discussed getting your ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) implementation off the ground. Now we will discuss the second stage, continual improvement. What is continual improvement in ISO? Continue reading What is Continual Improvement in ISO 9001?

What are Examples of Standard Work Instructions?

Are your standard work instructions out of date due to a significant changes in your accounting systems? Accounting policies and procedures Word document templates are available that can be used as standard templates of boiler plate work instructions by work functions for purchasing, accounts payable (AP),  accounts receivable (AR), inventory counting, asset control, etc., within the accounting department that can be opened, modified, saved and updated as needed. What are standard work instructions? Continue reading What are Examples of Standard Work Instructions?

What is the Duration of Continuous Improvement?

Many people wonder how long it takes to execute process improvement, a kaizen, or and continuous improvement program. That depends on your improvement objectives, where your are in the process, and what resources you have to work with. Find out what is the duration of continuous improvement programs? Continue reading What is the Duration of Continuous Improvement?

What is Kaizen Improvement System?

Sometimes segments and departments need major reorganization efforts, but obviously it can be counter productive to constantly go around reorganizing departments. There are also ways to promote improvement that doesn’t involve radical change or reorganization. A Kaizen improvement systems is one method used to foster an atmosphere of improvement. What is kaizen improvement system? Continue reading What is Kaizen Improvement System?

Books You Should Read to Improve Your Writing

As a writer, it is important to improve those skills. Just like any other skill as a writer, one should always aim to be the best. The content that you put out should not only be captivating but informative to your audience. Whether you are writing your own book or writing for one of those ecommerce sites like the csgo sites, you have to improve your writing. These are the books you should read to improve your writing? Continue reading Books You Should Read to Improve Your Writing

What Drives Organizational Performance?

Organizational performance is occurring at many organizations throughout the world. Yet people constantly ask about how to get started motivating better performance. How do you get your organization moving in a direction of continuous improvement to achieve organizational performance? What drives organizational performance? Continue reading What Drives Organizational Performance?

Why process improvement is important

Process improvement is important for change and survival. Does anybody want to change? Your corporate culture represents your readiness and willingness to change before processes can improve. How well does your organization accept new ideas for development and process improvement? How much risk can your organization handle? Why is process improvement important? Moreover, how does your leadership promote change? These simple questions provide the answers to your readiness and willingness for real change management to occur.Your survival may depend on it. Continue reading Why process improvement is important

What is Lean Process Improvement?

Six Sigma has applications in high technology, high transaction, or expensive error environments. But what if you are in a mature industry, a service business, or an organization that handles few transactions? Perhaps Lean Thinking (waste reduction) or the Theory of Constraints (throughput improvement) would work better. So what is lean process improvement? Continue reading What is Lean Process Improvement?