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How to Develop Procedures Quickly

When many of us see change coming, we’re not sure what to do. We sometimes fear or mistrust change, or we put off big problems because they’re “too much all at once”, and we stick with outdated, inefficient tools, methods, and processes.

We sense that the way we go about developing procedures isn’t producing satisfactory results, yet we keep at it. We can’t afford to continue doing what we’ve been doing if we’re to remain competitive. So, how can you develop procedures quickly? Continue reading How to Develop Procedures Quickly

What Makes Good Procedures Good?

Writing good procedures is an iterative process. The basic steps include developing a process map, drafting the procedure, drafting supporting documents (e.g. forms, job descriptions), testing the documented procedure with the real users, and then continuously updating your process map, procedure, and supporting documents in a PDCA cycle of continual improvement. Continue reading What Makes Good Procedures Good?