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Payment Trends Driving the Future

The global pandemic has disrupted the financial sector in more ways than one. Lockdowns and restrictions across the world have basically crippled the global economy. However, during those trying times, payments have started to evolve. Here are a few payment trends driving the future of payments. Continue reading Payment Trends Driving the Future

What Is Your Business Return on Invested Capital?

Profit is used to drive growth, which is one aspect to your cash needs. But what are you going to do with the excess cash from your business? Your options include purchase assets, spend it on various expenses, hold it in an investment account, pay down debt, or give it back to the shareholders. Do you have a Return on Investment plan for your capital? Continue reading What Is Your Business Return on Invested Capital?

Important Considerations for Novice Women Investors

As a woman, understanding how to invest is crucial for your future. Think about it – women tend to live longer than men. According to Scientific American, “Women outlive men by around five to seven years.” This means that by age 85, there are about six women to every four men. And yet, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, over 45% of women aren’t too confident or aren’t confident at all when it comes to their retirement savings. Compare this to 35% of men who aren’t confident. It’s important to NOT be a Novice Women Investor. Continue reading Important Considerations for Novice Women Investors

Does Your Credit Policy Protect Your Business Cash?

When you deliver goods or services and you extend a business customer credit by accepting a promise to pay (receivable) later through an invoice, then in a sense you are loaning your customers cash. During the whole process of acquiring loans, the first question every person must think about is whether the loan is essential at that moment or not.  And one also has to ruminate after perusing over this debt collectors directory if it is worth going through the trouble. One can easily go online and Vertaa lainat but choosing the right type of loan, at the right time it is most required – Now that’s a little tricky. As a lender it’s easy to give out money with an assurance it’ll come back, but as a person who is acquiring the loan, it is essential to keep up to the agreement( Rate of interest and Timespan). So what steps can you take to make sure you get your cash back? The key is to have a clear credit policy. Continue reading Does Your Credit Policy Protect Your Business Cash?

What Are Internal Controls for Cash Security?

We all hope our co-workers and employees are honest, and they probably are. Yet, improper cash control, poor cash practices, and weak cash security can tempt people who are basically honest. Think about parking at the local mall. You always roll up your windows and lock your car to protect your possessions, especially if you made some purchases at an earlier stop. Most of the people who walk by your car at the mall are honest, yet you don’t want to tempt them by making it easy to take something that doesn’t belong to them. What are some internal controls for cash? Continue reading What Are Internal Controls for Cash Security?