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What Strategies Improve Quality Management?

A business without quality management will experience a downward spiral, which will affect its business performance in the long-run. Thus, since no one goes into business planning to fail, it is vital to understand what strategies improve quality management and what you can do to make it your business culture. Continue reading What Strategies Improve Quality Management?

What are Performance Metrics Examples?

Leaders work on understanding and improving the system through performance metrics or measures. Anytime I bring up the question of measures, people always ask “what’s a good measure?” The answer is, it depends on the type of business you operate. But it always starts with your purpose — what are you in business to do? Continue reading What are Performance Metrics Examples?

Write Job Descriptions with Reasonable Accommodation

Writing Job Descriptions That Provide Reasonable Accommodation

  1. Start with an analysis of the job that determines the essential functions.
  2. Identify how a disability may affect the essential functions of the job.
  3. Identify possible accommodations needed to overcome any limitations.
  4. Determine the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed accommodation.
  5. Select the appropriate accommodation that satisfies the employee’s preference.

Continue reading Write Job Descriptions with Reasonable Accommodation

What Drives Organizational Performance?

Organizational performance is occurring at many organizations throughout the world. Yet people constantly ask about how to get started. How do you get your organization moving in a direction of continuous improvement to achieve organizational performance? Continue reading What Drives Organizational Performance?

Do You Have a Business Performance Scoreboard?

Do you have a Business Performance Scoreboard? Airplane pilots pay attention to a number of things while flying a plane, as the plethora of dials, gauges, and displays on an airplane’s instrument cluster indicate. Some instruments require constant monitoring, some are checked occasionally, and still others may be checked only prior to takeoff or before landing. Still, they all have a role in helping the pilot safely operate the aircraft. I doubt if any of us want to fly with a pilot who doesn’t make effective use of the information that this complex set of instruments provides. Continue reading Do You Have a Business Performance Scoreboard?

10 Tips to Boost Office Productivity

Office Productivity

One of the questions that every entrepreneur must ask at one point or another is whether their office Productivity is allowing their staff to express their full potential. You see, this is supposed to be the place of productivity, focus and effectiveness, however, what if the place itself is what’s holding your team down. For those who are worried about this, there are a lot of things you can do in order to boost productivity in your office. Here are ten Tips to Boost Office Productivity. Continue reading 10 Tips to Boost Office Productivity