What Are Document Compliance Manager Responsibilities?

The Document Compliance Manager must manage all policies, procedures, work instructions, job aids, and compliance records to assure conformance with various standards and regulations. 

Document Compliance Manager Responsibilities

The Document Compliance Manager, which may also be the document control manager, quality manager, or someone in quality control, manages all compliance documents and records to assure conformance.

1. Document Compliance Standards

Documents and records are used all throughout the company. Nobody should know more about document compliance and control than the Document Compliance Manager. Your experience with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO standards (i.e. 9001), Sarbanes Oxley, or 21 CFR 820 within a regulated industry are important to managing and controlling compliance documents and records.

2. Compliance Document Management

As a Document Compliance Manager, your Knowledge of Quality documents, the documentation process, and quality forms and records is crucial to maintaining your company’s document compliance program. You are responsible for organizing documents for fast retrieval using document management software. Managing documents, records, forms, and work instructions is vital to maintaining your company’s compliance program.

3. Document Compliance Writing

A Document Compliance Manager may at times act as a technical writer. Familiarity with process mapping, process design, and policy and procedure writing will help you to succeed. Technical writing conveys process information using active voice construction, instructional design, and desktop publishing methods to transform data into useful information.

4. Document Compliance Software

The life of a Document Compliance Manager may include creating, editing, and managing compliance documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio as well as document revision control software for policies and procedures management.

5. Compliance Management

A Document Compliance Manager works with others within a team environment to improve established company policies and procedures. Developing standard operating procedures, quality policies, and business process communication is the job.

6. Document Compliance Communications

Compliance training along with explaining document compliance to others is what a Document Compliance Manager does. Including being able to understand various instructions to ensure they conform to the established best practice and are followed.

7. Document Control

A Document Compliance Manager is also the Document Control Manager responsible for document control practices and document revision control using document management software. Document control is a key priority.

8. Compliance Auditing

Ensuring compliance, conformance, and compliance effectiveness are an important aspect of a Document Compliance Manager’s job. Performing audits, reviewing audit reports and ensuring audit findings are resolved — especially document audit findings — are activities that ensure the compliance program is working.

9. Record Control

The compliance system relies on data collection. Business process data needs to be recorded and all records generated then need to be controlled. The Document Compliance Manager is involved in controlling the forms used to record data onto records and ensuring the records stay controlled as they are used, stored, and preserved.

10. Compliance Support

As a member of the quality and compliance team, overall assistance and support of the Compliance Officer, Quality Manager, and Audit Manager are part of the job. One must strive to maintain the management system in place and help any areas where documents and records are used for compliance.

The Document Compliance Manager you are responsible for all compliance documents. In other words, you must manage all company-wide, policies, procedures, work instructions, job aids, and compliance records, to assure the company of continuous compliance conformance with appropriate standards and regulations. In a smaller company you may also be the document control manager, quality manager, or someone in quality control.

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