Reading Required Documents

Reading Required Documents in OnPolicy

Reading Documents in “My Required Reading”

Once you log into OnPolicy, you’re at the “Home” page (figure 1). Look at your Dashboard to see if you have any documents in the Required Reading category.

OnPolicy_Required_readingFigure 1

“Required Reading” consists of documents that have been drafted (or revised), reviewed, approved, and released to OnPolicy. The number on the “Required Reading” heading in figure 1 tells you this Reader has required reading at this time.
This user has three documents he/she is required to read. Your OnPolicy Editors are not only responsible for drafting, revising, reviewing, approving, and releasing documents in OnPolicy — they also assign required reading.

To read Required Documents, click on the icon “Required Reading” link on the Dashboard.

You see the list of Required Documents for this user (figure 2). NOTE: If there were more than one document in this list, the user would have to open the documents one at a time to read them. Since you, the user, must read all documents in this list, OnPolicy doesn’t assign priority.

OnPolicy_My_required_readingFigure 2

Click on the “binoculars” icon to the left of the document title (“Doc Name”) to open the document (in “.pdf” format). Because it is a required reading document, you’ll see two things happen on the screen (figure 3):

Reading the Required Document

OnPolicy_My_required_reading_2Figure 3

To read the document, click on keep in the lower left of the screen Click on the “Keep” button. (figure 3).

The PDF document opens in another screen (figure 4). Note that Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer so you can read the document.

OnPolicy_My_required_reading_3Figure 4
After reading the document, close it.

Confirming That You’ve Read the Required Document

After you’ve read the document as required, you will see two buttons. You can now confirm that you have read the document or that you will read it later. (figure 5). If you have read the document, click on the “button” – “I agree that I have read the document”.

OnPolicy_My_required_reading_4Figure 5

At that point, the document you’ve just read is dropped from your Required Reading list (figure 6).

Onpolicy_My_required_reading_5Figure 6

At the same time, the Editor module shows you’ve read the document by checking your name off the Required Readers list of that document (figure 7).

OnPolicy_My_required_reading_7Figure 7

You may now go on to read additional Required Documents, read any released document, or perform any other OnPolicy task for which you’ve been granted permission (authorization).