OnPolicy Departments and Categories

When you look at a document list, you see a document tree of directories (“folders”) on the left side of the window (figure 1). There is a “plus sign” (+) to the left of each Department name.


Figure 1

You click on the “+” to reveal the current list of Categories in that Department. Here, all documents are listed, regardless of department or category.


Figure 2

Click on the Category name to see the list of documents for that Department and Category (figure 3).


Figure 3

View Departments and Categories

Your OnPolicy Administrator and Editors have access to the Department and Category lists. From your Editor Home screen, click on the “Admin” tab (figure 4).


Figure 4

At the Admin screen, Click on “Departments“.
Now you see the default Department list that comes with OnPolicy (figure 5). Note that the Accounting department is highlighted. For that reason…


Figure 5

…the Accounting Categories are shown at the bottom of the screen (figure 6).


Figure 6

Now we’ll look at adding a Department or Category.

Add a Department

Click on the green plus sign (+) to add a Department (figure 7).



Figure 7

OnPolicy inserts a blank line at the top of the Department list (figure 8). Type a new Department name in that blank.



Figure 8

Add a Category to a Department

Categories are method for organizing groups or processes within a department. Once you’ve entered that department name, keep it highlighted and go to the lower part of the screen (figure 9). Just like you did for the new department, click on the “+” to the right of “Categories for…” to add categories.



Figure 9

NOTE: You can replace the sort order default value of “0” (zero) with any number you want for Categories and Departments. You would do this so that when Editors click on the drop-down boxes for Departments and Category names (see “Classifying Your Documents“), they’ll either see them from top to bottom in alphabetical order or in the sort order, or order of importance (figure 10).

You may reverse the order of either sort key (i.e., sort them in descending alphabetical/numeric order) by clicking on the small arrowhead next to the column title.



Figure 10

Remove Departments and Categories

You may remove/delete a highlighted Department or Category by clicking on the red “X” above (figure 11). See note 1, below.



Figure 11

OnPolicy gives you a chance to change your mind before deleting the department or category (figure 12).



Figure 12

NOTE 1: If the Department or Category you’re about to delete still contains documents, you’ll have to find each of those documents and reclassify them, one at a time, so it’s better if you move, or transfer, documents to other Departments or Categories before deleting one. Remember — If you have documents assigned to either a department or category that you’ve deleted, you have to locate those documents and reassign them to another department/category.

NOTE 2: When you delete a Department, you automatically delete all Categories within it.

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