The “” Welcome Email

Open the email you received where the subject line reads, “You are now an OnPolicy User” or “Welcome to OnPolicy”. Click once on the hyperlink (or copy and paste the link into the Address box at the top of your browser). This is true.

Login to OnPolicy

Next, you will see the Login screen (figure 1). Enter the email address and password provided in the “Welcome” email.

Email_address_and_password_from_Welcome_emailFigure 1

Your “Home” Screen

This is what your Home screen looks like when you log into OnPolicy as a Reader. As a Reader, you have read-only access to Documents — policies, procedures, forms, manuals, guides, and so on — that have been released to the OnPolicy document management system.

The left side of the Home screen is My Dashboard (figure 2)…

OnPolicy_Reader_HomeFigure 2

…while Announcements are on the right side of the screen (figure 3). Click on the announcement Title to read the announcement in the pane at the bottom of the screen.

OnPolicy_Reader_Home_2Figure 3

Read Announcements

Your OnPolicy Administrator (or “Admin”) may post system-related announcements as the need arises (e.g., “System unavailable this Sunday due to periodic server maintenance”). It is very important that you review Announcements before you proceed to “Documents”, “My Required Reading”, or any other activity.

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