OnPolicy Help Introduction

Policies and Procedures Document Templates

Policies and Procedures Software

What is OnPolicy(TM)? It’s the best document management solution for the needs of small-to-medium businesses like yours. OnPolicy stores your important documentation — policies, procedures, etc. — in an efficient and orderly manner. OnPolicy ensures that your employees use only the most accurate and up-to-date versions of your documents.

OnPolicy provides a document review and approval process – the Work Flow — to ensure that documents have been reviewed and approved prior to their release and that they’re being reviewed periodically. Because it has all these features, OnPolicy helps ensure your compliance with standards, guidelines, and regulations.

Rather than go into more detail here, we’ve provided a number of links for you (below) so you can quickly learn to use OnPolicy. The “OnPolicy wiki” is the primary help resource for OnPolicy users. It is maintained by OnPolicy developers and technical support staff, with contributions from users like you.

Getting Started with OnPolicy 

Third party browser are dropping support for Java and may not work with the OnPolicy software. We suggest using the OnPolicy Client to access the system. Download OnPolicy Client for Windows.

Users Roles

In the OnPolicy environment, there are three kinds of users: Readers, Editors, and Administrators.

OnPolicy Readers

Readers, as the name suggests, have read-only privileges to documents that have been released to your OnPolicy system. The Administrator can limit users’ access to all documents or just some (e.g., only their department). Readers can only view released documents and do not have access to drafts or previous versions of documents.

OnPolicy Editors

Editors also have full access to OnPolicy’s features. Their primary responsibility is to add documents to the system, edit documents, and to participate in the Work Flow process.

OnPolicy Administrators

Administrator have full access to the OnPolicy system. Your Administrator is the lead contact with the system vendor (Bizmanualz) and is responsible for adding users, changing privileges, roles, and responsibilities, and (in general) overseeing the system.