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The Monitoring-Measurement of Product Procedure AS9100 establishes methods the company uses to monitor and measure product conformance with requirements. The aerospace procedure applies to all company products, including raw materials, parts, and subassemblies used to manufacture aircraft products. (6 pages, 1179 words)

Monitoring-Measurement of Product AS9100 Responsibilities:

Managers are responsible for presenting monitoring and measurement data at Management Review meetings.

Department Managers are responsible for producing and using product monitoring and measuring data to continuously improve the company’s Quality Management System.

Monitoring-Measurement of Product AS9100 Definitions:

Critical Product Parameter – Product measurement that materially affects the conformance of the material, component, or product to requirements.

Key characteristic – Feature of a material, part, or process, variation of which will significantly influence a product’s fit, performance, service life, or manufacturability. Key characteristics essential to meeting product goals are identified so that company resources can be focused on them. Key characteristics are often identified by the customer but can also be identified by the company, subcontractors, or suppliers.

Monitoring and Measuring Equipment – Device(s) used to collect data and measure, gauge, test, inspect, or otherwise examine items to determine their compliance with specifications.

Other Product Parameter – Product measurement that does not affect conformance with requirements, but which may relate to the state of the process system.

Sampling inspection – Statistical inspection using one or more samples; in acceptance sampling inspection, a decision to accept or not accept an inspection lot is based on a sampling plan.

Monitoring-Measurement of Product AS1220Monitoring-Measurement of Product Procedure AS9100 Activities

  • Aerospace Product Monitoring and Measuring-General
  • AS9100 Quality Inspection Documentation
  • AS9100 First Article Inspection (FAI)
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