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Lean VSM Training

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Lean Thinking Training to Build Effective Business Processes

This two-day Lean Thinking Training class provides you with the methodology, knowledge and skills you need to implement lean business processes. Topics include: understanding lean, customers, suppliers, paradigms, buy-in, projects, muda (waste), Kaizen, Kanban, visual workplace, and 5S to ensure continual improvement of your management system.

Lean Business Training to Ensure You Are Capable of Implementing Lean at Your Organization

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of lean processes.
  • Develop a Value Stream Map for your Current Processes.
  • Find the Constraint to your Throughput.
  • Utilize good communication skills to generate buy-in from peers and management for your project.
  • Incorporate Lean Practices to achieve significant reductions in costs.

Implementing Lean Thinking Class

This lean management business training course is suitable for delegates from all backgrounds, including manufacturing, service, public and private sectors. This procedures training class will be of particular interest to individuals who have responsibility for Change Management either as a single person or in a team; are project managing the development and implementation of a Management System for compliance; or those wanting to improve the overall performance of their organizations documents.

Participants of this Lean training course are not expected to have prior experience with process improvement, but it helps.

Outline of the Lean Thinking Training Course

Session 1 – Introduction to Lean

  • Personal Objectives
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Outline
  • Course Measurements
  • Lean Management Systems
  • Common Lean Terms
  • Movie “What Lean Means”

Session 2 – Changing Paradigms to Lean

  • Paradigms Explained
  • Affects of Paradigms
  • Movie “New Business of Paradigms”

Session 3 – Buy-In to Lean Thinking

  • Mission & Vision
  • Dissatisfaction & Pain
  • Improvement Objectives
  • Action Plans
  • First Steps
  • The Buy-In Story
  • Exercise 1 – Process Improvement

Session 4 – Variation & Waste/MudaLean Wastes

  • Six Sigma Variability
  • Lean Process Improvement Sequence
  • Cause of Variability
    • Common Cause
    • Special Cause
    • Variability Errors
  • Variation vs. mean
  • Eight Forms of Waste/Muda
    • Overproduction
    • Transportation
    • Inventory
    • OverprocessingFloor space analysis
    • Motion
    • Waiting/Delays
    • Rework/Repair
    • Oversite/Inspection

Session 5 – Lean Business Processes

  • Inventory
    • Raw Materials
    • Work In Process
    • Finshed Goods
  • Process Flow
  • Kanban & Pull
  • Exercise 2 – Lean Process

Session 6 – Picking Improvement Projects

  • Theory of Constraints
  • Change Steps
    • What to change?
    • What to change to?
    • How to cause the change?
  • Movie “The Goal”

Value Steam Map

Session 7 – Value Stream Mapping

  • Value added
  • Non-value Added
  • Takt Time
  • Process/Cycle Effectiveness
  • Exercise 3 – Value Stream Maps

Session 8 – Lean Improvement

    • Lean Thinking
    • Process Improvement
    • Customers
    • Suppliers

House of Lean

Session 9 – Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Needs vs. Requirements
  • Intended Use
  • Customer’s Customer
  • Customer Feedback
  • Order-to-Delivery time
  • Movie “Customer Satisfaction”

Session 10 – The Supply Chain

  • Supplier Audits
  • Purchasing
  • Cost vs. Quality
  • Lead Time
  • Movie “Dellocity”

Session 11 – Creating a Visual WorkplaceLean Visual Boards

  • 5S Organization
    1. Sort/Seiri
    2. Shine/Seiso
    3. Store/Seiton
    4. Standardize/Seiketsu
    5. Sustain/Shitsuke
  • Visual Signals
  • Shadow Boards
  • Movie “5S at Boeing”

Session 12 – Quick Changeover

  • Internal vs. External Setups
  • Converting Internal to External Setups
  • Streamlining Setups
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • Movie “Kaizen Blitz”

Session 13 – Conducting Kaizen Eventsmaterial travel

  • PDCA
  • Planning & Design
  • Implementation
  • Management Reporting
  • Movie “Kaizen Culture”

Session 14 – Lean Course Summary

  • Course Objectives Achieved?
  • Understand How Lean Succeeds?
  • Course Changes?
  • Further Reading
  • Course Evaluation

Click here for training course policies, terms and conditions. Training instructors are provided by Bizmanualz, Inc., a management training, consulting and technology solutions provider specializing in the development, implementation and maintenance of well-defined processes and effective management systems. Instructors include: Chris Anderson



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